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Reports by the IBB Group

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Financial data and publications

Discover important facts and figures about our business development activities: Find out what we have achieved in the respective financial years. In addition to our annual reports, all annual financial statements, disclosure reports and corporate governance reports are also available.

Older disclosure reports (prior to 2020) of the IBB Group can be found on ibb.de in the download centre.

Corporate governance

We apply the Corporate Governance Code (CGC) in its applicable version as issued by the Senate Department of Finance. The rules of the Berlin Corporate Governance Code (BCGK) are also part of this.

The reports are available in German only.

Non-financial reports

In the non-financial Group report for the 2021 financial year you can find general information on IBB UV as well as information on economic, ecological and social measures.

The reports are available in German only.

Sustainability brochure of IBB Group

Sustainability is a high priority for the IBB Group. That is why we actively promote the sustainable development of Berlin. How we make our contribution? What are we planning? Our journey to becoming the ‘Impact Bank Berlin’ is described in our sustainability brochure.

Financial reports of IBB

Figures, data and facts about Berlin's development bank.