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Together for Berlin's future: supporting entrepeneurship, growth and quality of living

Berlin voraus auf blauem Hintergrund
Who we are

IBB Group

In 2021, the Federal State of Berlin established IBB Unternehmensverwaltung Anstalt öffentlichen Rechts (IBB UV) by law. Virtually overnight, Investitionsbank Berlin (IBB) was transformed from the parent company into a subsidiary of IBB UV. As part of this reorganisation, all of IBB’s former subsidiaries were also transferred to IBB UV. Together they form the IBB Group.

IBB Group
IBB Gebäude mit Blick auf Berlin

Topics of the IBB Group

Reports by the IBB Group

Discover important facts and figures about our business development activities.

IBB Gruppe Geschäftsbericht 2022 Miteinander

Sustainability in the IBB Group

IBB Group prioritizes sustainability for a livable Berlin environment.

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Investitionsbank Berlin

As the business development bank of the Federal State of Berlin, we work every day to make our city an even better place to live.

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